Chapter 3: Blocklinker

With a Simplified Inputs List, the values are under control of the entities that send bitcoin to the specified address. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could link those addresses to addresses and their corresponding values that are fully or at least partially under your own control?

That is exactly what this spell does! Combine a SIL with an infinitely long list of addresses you have access to. To achieve this you will need a special key called an extended public key (XPUB). These can found in any HD-wallet (BIP32).

This spell will give you access to 4 new lists:

The first list lets you entangle addresses from a SIL with your own addresses on a 1-to-1 basis. The last 3 lists look a lot like a SIL, but instead the values are derived from either the balance, the total received or total sent of the corresponding address from the XPUB. Here is an overview of who can do what with the values in the different types of lists:

Sender can increase value Yes Yes Yes No
Owner can increase value No Yes Yes Yes
Sender can decrease value No No No No
Owner can decrease value No Yes No No

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